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I need to lose weight and am not sure which diet to choose. I recently read in a magazine that the “Montignac diet is but a modified Atkins.” Could you please tell me more?

For decades the only diets that existed were low-calorie diets. People were convinced that the only way to lose weight was to eat less and, above all, to avoid fats which are rich in calories. Dr. Atkins, who became known in the 1970s, was the first person to recognize the role played by carbohydrates in gaining weight. The Atkins diet, however, involves a drastic reduction of all carbs while allowing proteins and fat foods ad libitum. Considering that it makes no recommendations regarding the right choices, this represents a potential danger for those at risk of heart disease. The Montignac Method is neither a variant nor a modified version of the Atkins diet since it does not exclude any food category. As opposed to the Atkins diet, the Montignac Method even recommends carbs and proposes Glycemic Indexes (GI) so that we can choose wisely, namely low GIs. As concerns fats, the Montignac Method recommends those that reduce the risks of heart-disease. Accordingly, we have to conclude that low-calorie diets and the Atkins diet go to extremes and are thus unbalanced; while one rules out fats, the other excludes carbohydrates. What the Montignac Method proposes, more than an ordinary diet, is a balanced way of eating to lose weight and to keep fit and slim.
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