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Our goal this year is to ensure every family has an updated care plan in place for every school age child with a SADS condition!

It is never too early to start preparing for a successful school year. Keeping your family safe is the number one priority for the SADS Foundation. Developing or updating your SADS school care plan with your school health professional, bringing awareness to your school about SADS conditions, using the SADS Back to School Checklist, and ordering the SADS Safe Schools Materials Packet will help make your school safe for your child!

Back to School Checklist

The SADS Foundation has created the back to school checklist to help you build a safe school environment for your children. The back to school checklist will help walk you through the steps necessary and provide you with tools needed to help create a safe school environment for your children and help give you the assurance that you are asking all the right questions. 

SADS Safe Schools

The SADS Foundation has developed the SADS Safe Schools Materials Packet, which has materials and information to help educate your child’s school personnel on how to keep your child safe, as well as how to recognize warning signs in other students. 

Click to order your SADS Safe Schools Materials Packet today!

Consider Heart Safe School Accreditation for your school.
 Once you have taken the steps necessary to ensure the safety of your children, consider ordering awareness materials for your school or to take to another school in your community. 
Awareness Ideas
Put SADS posters in all schools – in hallways, teachers’ lounges, gyms, etc.
Add SADS Risk Assessment questions to the school’s physical screening forms.
Conduct training with school nurses, teachers, and coaches.
Give presentations to parents, PTA, state (or district) School Nurses’ Association, local sport leagues and others.
Write articles in school newspapers, PTA newsletters and other local publications.
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