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Anti-Aging Cures: The Example of Lecithin

To stay young, take lecithin.

  Besides reducing the cholesterol level in the blood, there is mounting scientific evidence to suggest several other benefits from lecithin.
  It has been suggested that its intake in sufficient amounts can help rebuild those cells and organs which need it.
  Lecithin helps to maintain their health once they are repaired.
  It may mean that a deficiency of lecithin in the diet may be one of the causes of ageing and that its use may be beneficial in retarding the ageing process.
  Edward R.
  Hewith in his book, The Years Between 75 and 90 says," with older people the fats remain high in the blood for from five to seven hours and in some cases as long as 20 hours, thus giving the fats more time to become located in the tissues.
  If lecithin is given to older people before a fatty meal, it has been found that the fats in the blood return to normal in a short time, in the same way they do in younger people. " 
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