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Getting to Know the Basic Concepts of Human Nutrition: The Example of Potassium

Potassium deficiencies are associated with breathlessness, fatigue, insomnia and low blood sugar.
Potassium is essential for healthy heart muscles.
Nuts and unrefined grains are good sources of potassium.
Calcium is a natural sedative.
Deficiencies can cause fatigue, nervousness and tension.
Dairy products, eggs, almonds, and soyabeans are rich sources of calcium.
Magnesium is known as nature's tranquilliser and is associated with the prevention of heart attack.
Deficiencies may lead to excitability, irritability, apprehension and emotional disorders.
Magnesium is also necessary for absorption of calcium and potassium and is found in many fruits, vegetables, seeds, dates and prunes.

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