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Do I possibly have Breast Cancer?..?

..Yes I ve seen my doctor and I do have a fine needle biopsy on Tuesday. But I m honestly freaking out.. Here s what s wrong: I m 18 with no history of Breast cancer in my family that were aware of. I started my first period when I was 11. I have a huge lump in my breast that has been hurting like crazy.. It happened to double in size in the past month. The lump is in my right Breast, which is swollen and bigger than my left breast - and it s noticeable. The "cyst" was a complex cyst as shown in the ultrasound, from what they said. The dark spots could be cancerous or contain debris. There s a slight dark spot above where the cyst is.. And I do have slight clear discharge from my nipple.. And it does hurt a little bit. Not only that but my right breast with the cyst is slightly.. Stiffer than my left. It s constantly hurting and I ve tried ice packs.. Sometimes it s hot or cold to the touch and feels slightly.. Different. So is it possible I could have Breast cancer?.. I know I ll find out possibly by Friday but I m just.. I m terrified..

Cysts very, very rarely contain cancerous cells. It's not uncommon at your age to get cysts. I imagine that they are not going to do a simple fine needle aspiration, but will drain the entire thing. Anytime anything is removed from the human body, it is sent to pathology for examination. Once you have it drained, you will feel much better. Once the pathology results come back with a "no problem" you'll feel even better. The chances of your having breast cancer at age 18 is 1 in 1.3 million. You are more likely to be struck by lightning twice than to have breast cancer.

Sounds like an infection. Breast cancer lumps aren't painful.

It is a very tiny possibility. It is rare for breast cysts to contain cancerous cellls At your age it is even rarer. The fine needle biopsy will not only be able to confirm this but the removal (aspiration) of some of the fluid will help relieve the pressure causing discomfort.

POSSIBLE? You just told us that the dark spots "could be cancerous". If that's the case, then yes it's POSSIBLE that you have breast cancer. However, at your age and with no family history of the disease, it's extremely unlikely.

Well, my aunt has breast cancer and she NEVER had any pain. she felt a lump, went to the doctor, diagnosed. So usually hurting is not breast cancer.

Drs know what a cyst on u/s look like. Oh for some reason I was reading mammo, but anyway, what you have isn't cancer. I've had a plugged duct before and it's red, hot, swollen, and hurts like hell.

Nope. Not even the slightest of chances as you shall soon find out. Hurting like crazy? Typical Cyst.

Doubled in a month - ten to one on it's a blocked duct.

Please don't assume this is cancer. Other simple things can be wrong. Good luck and God Bless.

1. Painful means it must be not more than an abscess/boil/pustule. A general surgeon can help you with permanent cure. 2. Or you may cross check with ----------------- 3. 1. Breast Cancer* Signs & Symptoms in Brief----------------- Lumps, Slight hardening, Nipple discharge, Change in the shape of your nipples, Change in the texture of the skin over your breasts, Knots in your arm pits. Skin dimpling or puckering Nipples that turn inward, Nipple discharge, Redness or scaling of your nipple or breast skin. 2. Risk of breast cancer under the age of 15 is statistically ZERO. Risk from 15 - 20 years is 1 in 1.3 million. All your symptoms cited--------------connected to either menses or puberty or part & parcel of growing breasts which shall go off slowly but steadily. They mimic breast cancer symptoms only. 90% of breast cysts are benign (non cancerous). 90% of the remaining 90% are encapsulated (protected from spreading by your immune system's safeguard systems). That means the remainder (only 1%) requires aggressive treatment. Because yours has "resided", It's (no doubt) resides in the category of Sebaceous Cyst, which means that a hair follicle has accumulating lipoproteins (fat products) - same as a cyst on your neck or back (annoying but benign). Many don't know that the breasts have very fine hairs on them ( We Do). This scare reduced your chances of aggressive breast cancer, because you WILL do your monthly self exams & annual mammograms. MAJOR ADDITION: Because this "lump" began when you 14 y/o I have no doubt that this is simply a hair follicle which invaginated a fat cell and began to accumulate lipoproteins (it's a fatty cyst - not cancer). At of your age, there's almost no way your growth cycle could have left a cancer capsule unruptured without major symptoms much earlier. 3. Knots in the armpit[s] and a stone like tumour in the bresty[s] can be malignant. Soft & rubber like tumour moveable is not cancerous. A general surgeon can extract it by surgical interference. Any cancer is curable, if diagnosed early. Acupressure techniques ensure instant diagnosis of any cancer, subject to confirmation by US/MRI/CT/PET Scans and Biopsy after one year. 4. Breast Cancer- Instant Diagnosis With the aid of acupressure techniques, breast cancer can be diagnosed right @ your door steps. Details follow---------------- To start with, this free facility is made available exclusively for the poor and middle class with ‘no insurance cover’. • The first beneficiaries are visitors of the most enlightened and philanthropic blog----‘Yahoo Answers”. • Yahoo Answers blog is so popular that, when my grand children feel extremely happy, they shout ‘Yahoo, Yahoo’.Just like Shammi Kapoor used to shout in old Hindi film-“Janglee”. 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No confusion at all. U may study the details, discuss with Ur family members and friends and understand the concept of ‘Acupressure’ and confirm for Urself, if U or anybody else has cancer/hiv and the affected organs. “ 5. The 'breast' acupressure remote control point is located in the middle of Ur palm on the dorsal side---where U can see Ur nails. U may refer the acupressure map published and kept in the link stated hereunder. Dorsal side of Palms & soles to diagnose & treat ailments of eyes, spine, breast cancer, etc., : ?set=a... If this link does not work, you may visit www.saioam.in for instant, online and free diagnosis of breast cancer and download the acupressure map and check for yourself or with the help of some body. o If U press hard the right palm @ the specified place with Ur left thumb----if it pains and that means Ur right breast is affected. Similarly, the left palm--for the left breast. With the aid of acupressure techniques, U can find out breast cancer symptoms one year before it is detected by mammography. If Point Nos. 11-16 gonads & Lymph}, are highly tender, it means, U have breast cancer. If U press the specified points daily---U can as well postpone the onset of tumor too. At Lucknow, when we conducted free diagnosis camps in 1998-2002, we had a feed back from many poor women confirming status quo ante of breast cancer-with the aid of acupressure techniques. Tender Breast[s] lumps/Fibroadenomas/ Breast Cancer/abscess in arm pits Detoxkin & 1 Cap twice a day after meals. Neruri XT & 1 Cap twice a day after meals. Triphala Tab & 4 Tab in the night before going to sleep. 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