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I just found out my dad might have colon cancer. He is the one who works and my mom takes us to school etc?

But what if my dad does have cancer. I'm 13 and my brother is 15. And my sister is 9. None of us can support us. What would happen. And also we can't afford cancer treatment. Please educate me on what would happen. I'm not only worried for the life of my dad but also my family.

your mom is going to have to go to work She has no choice.Can,t afford Cancer treatment thats also no choice.I have cancer i,m 280,000.00in debt from treatments. Insurance pays for some. , But the one drug i was on for a while was 15000,00 every treatment had 4 a month for 6 months,do the Math you want to live you pay period.i have been fighting mine for 5 years, i pray for you Be realistic i realize your only 13 and have not experiance much of life yet.I pray for your family. My motto is pray for the best expect the worse.You should not ask this question on the Net Some people are extremely cruel,Colon cancer is survivable,as along as it has not spread into other organs, he should be fine its going to be a trying time,tons of doctor visits.I,m going to say one thing If he passes you all need to stick together and do what you can to keep the family together,I doubt if this will be reality, But be prepared stay strong, And pray , Most folks today don,t believe in God,Prayers work, it doesn,t always turn out the way you like but it turns out the way it needs to,

The survival rates for colon cancer are fairly high. It may turn out OK. Talk to your mom or dad about these questions. Your parents may be a lot more capable of managing this situation than you think, and they will know how they plan to get through this.

That is really hard. i think reading on cancercenter.com will help with the details of the illness specifically. Youre just a kid, let your family take care of the finances, just do your best to help with the other kids and things like that. Im really sorry that this is happening.

And until they KNOW, all your feeling is meaningless. It's a waste of time if it turns out he doesn't have cancer, kid.

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