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Cervical cancer - has anyone had these symptoms and it been cervical cancer?

Hi, I ve been having a few problems the last few months. All started with bleeding after sex, then went to bleeding during sex. I m also having quite a lot of watery discharge all the time. My cervix is quite low and I have found some lumps around it. I have been to my GP several times and after a lot of persuasion I have got a smear test next week (after waiting nearly 3 months for it!!!) as I am only 23 the doctor didn t want to send me for a smear test. His words were you won t have cervical cancer your too young! Which we all know is simply not true people younger than me have been diagnosed. I have been sexually active since 16 and I also have a young child. The bit that worries me the most is the lumps that I can feel. So my question is, is it possible that I have cervical cancer and if so the lumps I can feel would that actually be it??? Obviously I won t know anything for certain until smear next week but I m worried sick and just need to know the possibilities of what could be happening ev! Thank you

Hello, It is great that you have urged your doctor to take a Pap smear test, but you have to be mindful that what it actually detects is inflammation and cellular changes in the cervical tissue. Patients that do not have any infection with the HPV(Human Papiloma Virus) can still exhibit various cellular changed that can be caused by other causes such as : bacteria, hormonal changes, pregnancy, yeast infections and the list continues. So even if you get your test back, and the results are that you have a significant inflammation on cervix(which you probably), do not panic. It still does not mean you have cancer. Now, usually from the time you are infected with HPV and until cervical cancer develops (if at all) is a matter of years. 10-20 years on average. This is why your doctor is pretty convinced that there is a low chance of you already having a fully developed cancer. I am speaking generally here, because there are selective cases in which it will develop a lot faster. Regarding your symptoms. I would ask you if I could, on how you felt the bumps? Can you feel them by putting pressure on the lower part of your abdomen, can you feel them by palpating from inside the vagina? Nonetheless they can be a number of things, from genital papilloma(genital warts), to inflammed lymph nodes. Cervical cancer is not one that you can casually palpate and feel lumps about at the entrance to the uterus. This is why we have screening tests to detect it. It is not obvious from a simple exam. Nonetheless you should not worry yourself. Your symptoms do not scream cervical cancer. Yet it is great to get yourself checked out, especially since you are sexually active. Even if the pap smear shows irregularities do not worry, your doctor will know how to proceed if something alarming shows up. Since you are young, I recommend for you to vaccinate yourself against the HPV if possible. It will give you peace of mind and eliminate one great threat for the future. I hope I was of some help. Havea a great day.

Well you at least got swabbed for the std's and you should've already had a pap when you started having sex and evry 2-3 years since then. Cervical cancer takes 15+ years to fully develop..

i just had surgery 2 months ago for cervical cancer. i was at stage 0. i had ZERO symptoms. i had a routine pap smear and they sent me a letter saying some abnormal cells were found. i had to go in for 3 biopsies and they confirmed it. had to have a LEEP. if you Dr. is refusing to give you any testing, find another Dr. if there is something there, finding it early is key.

Cervical cancer is just one of the possible diagnoses, and actually not a very likely one. It's possible that you've developed one of the conditions mentioned by another poster, or you may have caught a sexually-transmitted disease. As you say, you'll know more when your test results come back.

Cancer is a remote possibility. More common causes are adverse reactions to birth control, uterine fibroids or polyps (which would feel like lumps), and several endocrine problems.

It is “not cancer” after all. Maybe, it is not more than a boil/abscess/pustule/cyst/carbuncle/furu... and localized tumor. Prudent* to see a general surgeon*/local homeopath [for less costs]/dermatologist for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interference. Because, in all chronic issues with complicated & confusing symptoms-involving many organs, I prefer a General Surgeon, who shall be accurate in arriving at the right diagnosis by pin-pointing the affected organ[s]/tissues and ensures fast relief with surgical interference. Much before the advent of super-specialties like nuero/pediatric/cardiac/renal/gynec/brai... gastro-enterology, oncology, and ENT etc., all these surgeries were conducted by general surgeons. Hence, a Surgeon’s approach is most appropriate and accurate. A good surgeon suggests cheapest and accurate diagnostic investigations only to ensure permanent cure. Whereas, for all acute problems/issues, a physician hits the symptoms/diseases with say, 10 stones/medicines with the hope that a few stones may hit with dramatic relief. But, it does work in many cases & with ‘no side effects’. . Cancer Fear Psychosis*: “An Empty Brain is Devil’s Workshop” Every visitor should come out of "Cancer-Fear-Psychosis" by studying and discussing with others. None gets cancer overnight. Malignancy develops over years. Details follow---- Carcinophobia/Lymphomaphobia: Fear of Cancer--Please, note that none gets cancer overnight. It takes years to develop any cancer/tumor. The main problem with the most of "You" youngsters is that you people are either dynamic or genius or intelligent or shrewd and sharp intellectuals. The TV channels & Internet are instrumental to ‘YOU’ that it is a fashion to start worrying about ‘CANCER’ for each & every symptom. It is very bad & agonizing trend which is totally wrong. You people start worrying with half or no knowledge. How ever, Yahoo Answers blog is an "oasis" in the desert of confusion and worry & the blog became a “safe sanctuary” for the poor, middle class & the gullible patients all over the globe. People with carcinophobia or cancerophobia live with an irrational dread of developing cancer. Every bodily discomfort becomes a sign for them that they have a malignant growth somewhere inside. A headache, for instance, is a sign for them that they have a brain tumor. A cyst/an enlarged lymph node, for instance, is a sign for them that they have lymphoma cancer. A cyst/an abscess/menses linked pustule on breast/armpit is taken as breast cancer. Mouth/gingivitis is taken as oral cancer. Just, wheezing, chest pain and shortness of breath is taken as lung cancer, etc. Any rash/mole on the body is taken as /melanoma/skin cancer. A boil/cyst/pustule/abscess in any part of the body is apprehended as cancer. Pain in testicle[s]/ovary[ies] is perceived as testicular/ovarian cancer. Chronic constipation is taken as colon cancer; so on...............Cognitive therapy can help someone with carcinophobia regain control of their life-WebMD.com. Nothing to fear for any disease be it bacterial, viral, auto-immune disorder, allergy. Hyper-sensitivity, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc., —an offshoot of bad diet[s] & or genetic disorder[s]. IBS, irregular menses, brain & spinal cord affected disorders and also many other most dreaded diseases. Any cancer/dreaded disease is curable, if diagnosed early. Acupressure techniques ensure instant diagnosis of any cancer, subject to confirmation by US/MRI/CT/PET Scans and Biopsy after one year. Any Cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, etc., —Common Symptoms: Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, FATIGUE-getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, haemoptysis, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s].

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