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Tuna sandwich for a fifteen year old pre-diabetic?

Is a Tuna sandwich okay?

YES! All food is okay. You should eat less of the sugary ones (cookies, candy, soda, some juices) but tuna is a protein, and on bread is a good combination to avoid lows or spikes. The body also needs oils and fats (mayonnaise, butter). Everybody is pre-diabetic (okay, I am a bit cynical).

ok, you keep on asking if this or that food is good for a pre diabetic!! Why not go get a book from the book store!! I recommend Atkins books or South Beach diet books! Skip the intro levels and follow the menus and recipes for phase 2!! Breads for sandwiches are all to be avoided no matter whether whole wheat or enriched white! They spike glucose at the exact same rate!! I avoid all grain products, all milk products, all soft sweet fruits and juices, all legumes, all root veggies and anything sweetened! Yes life is boing especially if you add in the no fats and no salts the doctors ask for!! blah boiled or baked meats, blah green veggies sprinkled with lemon juice!! 5 to 6 meals a day!!

Um, yum, I love a good tuna sammie. Tuna is perfectly fine to eat, maybe once a week. Between bread, alone plain, as a salad, in a casserole, etc. The one thing you have to be concerned about with tuna is the mercury. The tuna Bumblebee, Chicken of the Sea, all those name tuna companies use are the huge tunas netted in quantity--and those tuna are close to the top of the food chain, they eat a lot of smaller fish; smaller fish eat the smaller fish,shrimp,algae, krill, etc. in the ocean that have mercury in them. The accumulated mercury (tiny food things being eaten by small fish being eaten by bigger fish) in the food chain ends up in the big food fish like tuna. And when you eat that tuna, the mercury gets into you. Which is why you shouldn't feed your pets tuna made for humans (the tuna used in pet food is the smaller tunas who aren't so heavily mercury contaminated) and why you ought not to eat tuna more then once a week, so you don't become too mercury contaminated. Mercury can affect your brain, causing you to lose the ability to thing, to move your muscles at your command, can cause your muscles to move when and how y ou don't want them to, etc. There have been studies on this. Sardines are fine to eat because they are small fish and haven't accumulated a lot of mercury. Same for anchovies.

Yes. As long as it's on whole grain bread.

sure. get to an hio method chiropractor and get your nervous system cleared of interference.

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