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Will I be a dead body one day..?

Yes every one is going to be a dead body one day. From the world's richest man "Bill gates" to the poorest back ward class people dying for food in third world countries.That's what makes life valuable that it's going to end one day.Don't think about it much, just let it be. Enjoy life before you meet that one day n believe in God. You can either be "Great" and remembered or be "Normal" like billions of other humans and be forgotten, It's in your hands. I think you are 12 or 13.

We can die at any time, any day for, any reason. You can help keep the chances of it not happening any time soon by taking care of yourself and your body. Get into the habit of eating healthy and getting your exercise. Also don't forget to keep up to date on your physicals and dental health with your doctors. After a while hopefully you can find find something more pleasant to think about other then human mortality,

Well, your body will certainly be dead one day. I would say that at that stage you would no longer exist.

You won't be, but your body will be

It would be more accurate to say that your body will die one day.

YES, we all must go through the cycle.

We all will be


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