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My mom has bacterial pneumonia and is throwing up. What do I do?!? She has an appointment tomorrow but itamp's a long time away.She could die..?

had it' it's awful, she needs to be in hospital if she is feeling weak, tired etc. i went seriously down hill in 3 days when i got it and ended up in hospital for 3-4 days on a Antibiotic drip. Edit_ i have social anxiety and depression, never leave the house, it's really difficult to, but, Pneumonia can have some very servere effects if it gets bad so i had to go, i don't want to scare you because of the position your in, but yes it can kill, but it can also cause other health problems, people have lost their feet and legs to it. if you really want to get her to go, just google 'Pnumonia amputation' and have her read some of the stories. like this, this isn't what will happen, this is what could happen in some rare/extreme cases. article-... if you really want to help, and your mother is being stubborn, tell her your going to call for an ambulance just for them to look her over. they will come out, look her over and check her, if they think she needs to go then she's going.

Then it seems like this would be a good time to call 911 or 011 or whatever the emergency number is in your part of the world.

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