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Why do liberals say they arenamp't greedy when they want to take other peoples money for themselves?

"We're not greedy. We just believe we're entitled to everything for free at government expense, and to take more and more of your money through taxes, and redistribute it as we see fit for our own political and economic advantage. But we're not greedy." <------ Liberals The truth is liberals are the greediest, most selfish, most ego-centric, most narcissistic PIGS on the face of this planet.

No liberal I have ever met says or believes anything like that. This statement is a complete fabrication with no basis in reality.

Seems strange, doesn't it? Liberals are, in general angry, disappointed, disgruntled moochers with nothing better to do than try and make everyone around them as miserable as they are.

Why does yahoo allow foul and disgusting taint barnacles like yourself on this forum

Lack of self awareness makes the ego grow larger and larger. The ego feels it deserves.

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