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Can i get HIVs if a person who has it took a shower and used the same luffa that is mine?

If they had their blood or semen in the luffa recently, and then you used it AND had an open wound THEN you could get HIV. But as a general rule you are unlikely to get HIV from just touching stuff that a person with HIV has

If there was a lot of blood or body fluids on it and they went into your mouth or genitals, then you could possibly get it. If it was a plain luffa then NO.

No, HIV can only be transmitted from an infected person to another through direct contact of bodily fluids such as: Blood including menstrual blood, semen, ***, precum, ejaculate and vaginal secretions. So unless the loofah has blood on it you're fine, but I do recommend thoroughly washing it.

Not at all. The HIV virus itself is actually rather fragile, and cannot live outside of very specific ranges. That is good news for us all. If it were able to exist/thrive as, say for example, a simple bacteria, we would all be in a lot of trouble.

No you can't get it unless the blood or semen gets into your bloodstream, but if you are worried about it just switch the loofa for a new one. No harm done and it will give you a piece of mind.

If they had sexual relations with your luffa and you had sexual relations with it and bodily fluids were transfers,maybe, very maybe.

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