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What are my chances of contracting Genital Herpes after having protected sex, only once, with a thai massage sex worker in San Francisco?

I wore a condom and she assured me that she was clean as she gets tested. She gave me oral sex while I had a condom on, but she did lick my testicles with her tongue. She was on top when we had sexual intercourse for a total of around 15-20 seconds. This was a one time thing and just wondering if I could have gotten genital herpes. Thanks!

Must applaud you for using a condom, people now a days seriously do not take advantage of them, especially now that there is so much going on. I'm sure your honestly fine. If it still weighs on your mind, go to the doctor and has for a herpes blood test. Don't just ask for an std test because they don't do herpes, you have to specifically ask for it.

I know you've all ready chosen your answer but thought I would put my 2 cents in. If she didn't have a cold sore or fever blisters on her mouth at the time she gave you oral sex then you're not likely to get herpes. Herpes is also not likely to be passed by just giving you a massage.

I would suggest seeing your doctor and having a screening done to test for any sti's you may have contracted. Better safe than sorry! Brooke RN BSN

Is she had herpes you do too

you've got it, and probably hepatitis B too.

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