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What are my chances of getting genital herpes?

So tonight I received oral sex from a girl without a condom who told me afterwards that she had genital herpes. We never had vaginal sex and she didn't have any cold sores on her mouth and she claims she hasn't had an outbreak since september and that she's on medication for it. As you can imagine I'm a bit upset and scared right now. She gave me oral sex once before a few months ago and no symptoms have appeared and I received stds testing not long after which I was cleared for as well. However this was the second time receiving oral sex and she told me about her condition after the fact. I'm really scared right now and could use some professional and supportive help to calm me down.

At least she was honest with you but genital herpes isn't passed through both the mouth and genitals. If all you had was oral sex, she didn't have cold sores (which are oral herpes / HSV1), then you're not going to get genital herpes. If you had sex then you would only have a small chance of getting it, if she didn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out at the time.

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